Third-party sources disabled during Ubuntu upgrade

I finally got around to upgrading from Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty to 9.10 Karmic. During the upgrade I was given the following message:

Third-party sources disabled
Some third party entries in your ‘sources.list’ were disabled. You can re-enable them after the upgrade with the ‘software-properties’ tool or your package manager.

If you’re using Synaptic Package Manager, go to Settings > Repositories. In the Software Sources dialog that appears (you can also access this dialog within GNOME by going to System > Administration > Software Sources), navigate to the Other Software tab. Here, you’ll see one or more items labelled disabled on upgrade to karmic. If you select one of these and click Edit, you’ll be able to see more details about the repository. Te re-enable one of these repositories, just delete the comment, click OK, and tick the checkbox back in the main dialog.

Setting Opera as default browser in GNOME

I’m pretty much fed up with Firefox. I’ve lived it and loved it since well before it was the cool thing to do, but I’ve really had it with its unresponsiveness, slow loads, etc. Safari has always been much faster for me, for that matter. But, I’m starting to do a lot of development with Opera, and have just been coming to realise that it really is an excellent browser. Snappy, standards-conformant, and customisable–I like that. So, I’ve been using it for a while as my browser of choice in GNOME, but hadn’t taken the time to set it as my default browser. This may or may not help anyone, as it’s a relatively trivial process, but here’s what to do (for the record, I’m running GNOME 2.26.1 and Opera 10.11 (the most recent build at the time of writing):

  • From the GNOME System menu, select Preferences > Preferred Applications.
  • In the Preferred Applications dialog, select the Internet tab.
  • Choose Opera from the drop-down menu in the web browser section.

And there ya go…